Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There's gold in them there hills....

I'm finally starting to get a feel for what I want in my shop, what my "thing" will be, I guess. I headed out today to stock up on supplies.

First up was these hangers, so cute I knew they would help me out (somewhere!)

I went into Spotlight to get a new rotary cutter, and took them up on there pattern deal- $5 each or 10 for $20. I found 4 patterns I liked...hang on, that means I either buy 4 for $20 or 10 for $20. You can tell which on I did. The fabric pieces were $2 each as well. One must have the best tools!

Then I did the wild wild west of op shops. There were Salvo's- Braybrook, Sunshine and Deer Park (Sunshine one has moved to Withers ST Sunshine). A Bargain Hunter at Deer Park (worst op shop EVER!). And of course, Vinnies at Sunshine.

The pink crochet blanket is for Little Miss (she always misses out on them since I give them to Murray)

And this coat. It reminded me of this girl's amazing transformation of a similar item. I think it will be too little for Little Miss (and she has a brand new black one that needs to be worn to death), so this one may be up for grabs.

Phew, exhausted! Now comes the washing, the sorting and stashing, and hopefully some using- all to have an online store up VERY SOON! Off to sew....


Jennie said...

Any idea if that pattern sale was just for one Spotlight, or all of them?

Andi said...

How very exciting!!
Another place to shop!!!

Nikki said...

....ummm...and HOW LONG is that pattern sale going on?

Good luck on the launch of your shop!!!

Nic said...

Love the coat. Look forward to seeing it in the shop.