Saturday, September 4, 2010

new jarmie job!

I loved this style of pj's the minute I saw them, all the ones I've made have had plackets and
buttons, boring (and surprisingly time consuming!) These were done in about 2 hrs all up (Taking out all the starting and stopping!)
Lara kindly lent me the pattern and these are a size 6- they fit her- just! I'll call them
spring pj's- very thin flannette sheeting! I've picked up the pattern in the next lot of sizes from
Ebay, yay!

And she's happily wearing them to bed!!

As surprise gift today- a beautiful purple chenille double bedspread, my friend was very proud
of the bargain she got!

And another major event today- the "Bathing Of The Dog". After making and having to cancel
the last few appts at the 'Salon', I chucked him the bath today, and came out soooo white!

Now we have to try to keep him this clean in the mud bath out the back!


Anonymous said...

Well done Bec - the jarmies look terrific! It's a great little pattern - good work finding a copy on eBay.

trash said...

Those jammies are ace. I would even dare tackle that pattern for Princess C-W given the lackof buttonholes and plackets.

Brianna said...

Those pj's are very cute, well done! The purple chenille is gorgeous, lucky you to have friends like that.