Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finally! Part 1

I have been struggling for a few days to post this, but 'computer says noooo".
But here 'tis!

I made a pressie for my lil' sis's couch, kind of an engagement present (as a lead up to the wedding present, of course!). Ink and Spindle scrap pack, bought at the awesome open warehouse day.

I added a scrap of Pippijoe, too, so cute!

The back is a piece of vintage linen, and the verdict was a good one!

I also got extreeemly lucky the other week, I mistakenly entered 2 giveaways for the same book (I don't normally do that, I try and give everyone a chance), and would you believe I won both giveaways?

I was so excited, I got the 2nd book withdrawn, and received my copy for the US in record time. And now I can a whole new lot of inspiration, and a new blog to follow!

I'll be back later (depending on computer) to show you more goodies I've recieved lately!


trash said...

Crumbs! Did you go and buy a lottery ticket?

Jennie said...

What a great scrap pack project! I always want to buy scrap packs but I've never been sure how to make best use of the fabric.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

LOVE the pillow!! xox