Friday, July 1, 2011

Give me bread and i'll write you a blog post!

 A little while ago I received an email asking me if I'd like to receive some bread. This was in the middle of some controversy around blog land at the time, with a huge 'cash for comment' dilemma. So do I or don't I? It came down to the fact that I, as a single parent with no other financial support but me, can't usually afford yummy, Artisan style breads, so I signed myself up!

Actually, it was this first line that sucked me in " Hope you’re well! Big fan of your lovely blog (always makes me chuckle!) and was wondering if you’d like to take part in the following campaign…" Yep, sucked me in haha

The Authentic Sourdough arrived this afternoon. I actually have a lot of meals planned to make with this, but I decided on easy. quick. and yummy. Of course! And also to see if the kid and I will get sick of it after a full weekend of meals. I'll keep you posted on that one......

And I'll do something I haven't done before- share a recipe! In true Masterchef style, here is what I call my "quick and easy lemon squeezy" Cheesy Eggs.

Gather ingredients as below- Feta (we only eat Bulgarian Feta), cream, eggs, butter and oregano.

Melt the butter, and cook a small piece of feta in it, breaking it up with the spoon.

 Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of cream (I lurve Philadelphia Cream for Cooking, it doesn't separate like thickened cream, and less fat!). Mix together for a few seconds.

Then break the eggs into the pan. I let them sit for a little bit, until the white has cooked, then gently stir to mix it all together. Once the white has set, I turn the heat off, and let the yolk cook in the residual heat. Season with oregano, salt and pepper. That's just how I like it!

Then our favourite ingredient- olives! Specifically black olive paste and whole black olives.

So the first plate- toasted sourdough, a tblspn of the olive oil from the olive tub (marinated in herbs and lemon and oil, so a really yummy mix) spread over the toast, then eggs on top. A few black olives on the side.

The other version was olive paste spread on the toast, then the eggs on top.

We split it in half and had one of each. We both eat them differently, too; I'm a biter, she's a scraper!

She scraped both pieces clan, and all the juices had soaked into the bread; so then made a sandwich of that! Yum!

This recipe is loosely based on a Turkish dish my daughter's dad used to cook. The other good thing he left me (besides the child, of course). there could be many variations; bacon, chorizo, Turkish sausage 'sucuk' is the best.

I have 5 vouchers from Bakers delight to give away. Comment on this post, or wait until my 2nd recipe, and tell me which one you'll be trying! Thanks for joining in a bit of fun with me!


Tas said...

Oh, great recipe. I will be trying it. We all love feta here. The olives will be subbed though. As you said, a lot of variations. Enjoy your high carb weekend!

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

Second try at a comment. Here goes. I love baking eggs with chorizo and some crusty bread. Mmm

Unknown said...

I would have trouble saying no to free fancy bread too. I might have to give your recipe a try - we like feta and olives.

Tanya said...

ooh, yummo it's nearly 'midnight snack' time!

Mary-Anne said...

I'm so glad to read that I'm not the only one who eats fetta (like you it has to be bulgarian of course), scrambled eggs and oregano together tho I didn't realise it was an actual recipe. Love the idea of adding fried chorizo. Delish!

Jennie said...

Yuuumm. Love olive paste on bread!
Haven't tried it with feta and eggs tho!x

rachelmp said...

Looks great! With the 6 of us to feed I'm always looking for receipes that are quick and adaptable like this one... and I have a bit of a bakers delight habit..

melissa said...

That sounds absolutely yummy!