Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4- Alpaca's!

One of our favourite animals is the alpaca; we got to meet some at the Royal Melbourne Show on Sunday!

This owner happily let us have a pat of.....

this week old baby! She was making the 'humming' noise they do, really odd! And their fur is 'dry', not lanolin-ey like a sheep.

Mum was very protective, of course, but also happy to let us gaze and admire....

bub decided to have a quick feed! (the midwife and mini-midwife were mighty impressed!)

there were soooo many to admire! Gorgeous animals!

The girl and I have been this alpacary a few months ago, Glenda is lovely and is so happy to take you on a walk to meet her animals. She has midwife-d most of their babies! I can't wait till we're up that way again soon to see more cutie patooties!


Karen said...

The alpaca blanket on the end of my bed is one of my very favourite things - so warm and snuggly - but that little guy is much cuter!

Michelle said...

I love Alpacas too! I went to an alpaca show a couple of years ago and boy, those guys were CUTE!