Wednesday, November 28, 2012


There's been some dramas here in my laptop land! I'd somehow used up my free space for storing my blog photos- a bit of investigation was required (when I have the brain space for it) and thanks to Lisa  (she's here too) it's sorted! For now....

Except for then dropping said laptop! Luckily I took it straight up to a repair place nearby and they looked at it (for free- I told them what I shitty day I was having heehee) and said 'good thing you brought it straight in- it's fine. But you could have moved the motherboard and blah blah blah. All I heard was 'fine'!

So here is a (brief) update. I've been busy....

There was a Spotlight sale (as usual) and As Ms Curlypops and I had been umming and ahhing over a new dressmaker dummy for a while, when this one came up on sale, we grabbed! (Kind of- we waited till that least day of the sale teehee).

 Her name is Mildred.

The tall skinny bitch that doesn't live here anymore! (well, she's put away for now in the garage until the kid grows up)

Speaking of the (9yr old-in-a-week) kid, here is her new t-shirt! Lovely cotton lycra from Rathdowne Fabrics. Pattern from here. What I love about sewing is I don't have to make her heaps of things, or make her every t-shirt, just being able to do it is enough! Pattern details- I made a size 9, shirt sleeve, and no bands or neck band. 

And a bit of baby sewing! These pants with a couple of boring white singlets.

This set is actually a fluke- accidentally matching.

Simple appliqué

With some labels on the outside so they don't scratch!

and some more pants.

I thought of a good trick for the hem (for the quick growing bubba's). The folded one hem over, sewed it and then folded again. So when they are too small- a quick unpick of the outside stitching will make a bit longer!

Back soon with more....


Michelle said...

Cute stuff! You're always so inspiring, Bec!

Sue said...

The baby clothes are just adorable. I love the appliqued singlets too. I used to have some when my son was a baby and they always looked cute. Love your new dress model too. It must be much easier making clothes to fit on those than guessing if they will fit. Glad to hear that your laptop is okay too. Have a fantastic week!

Cas said...

ive been having problems with picasa too!!
love the singlets very cute :) i wish i wasbrave enough to sew with lycra/cotton. very clever :)