Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hudson Pant

I decide today, after making my 4th pair last night, that these absolutely deserve a blog post of their own! My sewing lately has been pretty repetitive, lots of Renfrew tees being made, and I've finally stumble on some 'not so scary to fit' pants!

Not to say I didn't have fit issues- I cut the first pair in my usual size, not measuring and -I thought they were OK! Comfy, if not a little heavy as I made them in Ponte double knit I got at Spotlight. After looking at a few more pics I decided to make another pair based on size, and the magic happened!

 Non-daggy stretch pants! ( I went back and unpicked the first pair and resewed, after my 3rd pair came out good as well. Hey, I wasn't letting Liberty pocket trim go to waste!)

 The Ponte is a nice firm weight (I'm learning a lot about knits lately, besides being quick and easy to sew!) but I have had some pilling issues with it that is annoying me.

I know skinny jeans make you look smaller than big baggy's, but I finally realise the same with all pants! And these aren't 'leggings', thank God, so the whole 'leggings as pants' debate can be avoided! Saying that, depending what you make them out of will decide whether you wear them out or not.

My black and orange ones have pilled the most, but I just shave them with my fabric shaver; I'd easily wear these out and about. I'm having heaps of fun with the fabric/rib colour combos!

The next 2 are out a unknown knit of the $2 a metre table at GJ's Fabrics. I've started bypassing the quilting cottons and heading to the stretch section first nowadays! It's much lighter, but has excellent recovery- I don't get the 'baggy knees' after being on the floor etc.

 Being lighter fabric, it tends to be a lot more wrinkly around the butt and shows off EVERY bump- so maybe not so much a wear-out-of-the-house pair, at least if you don't want to embarrass your pre-teen! I suppose if I was really worried I could do something about the wrinkles, or the butt at least! But, meh....

After loving my "Saggy Baggy Elephant" ones, (named after the colour and my butt, NOT the pattern or style) I went back to GJ's and found the same knit in 2 different colours- beige and brown. Mmm, attractive! But still, at $2 and 110% comfort I was sold- matched up with the blue I think there pretty passable.

The waistband has elastic, which means you could avoid the drawstring, but to me that gave them a tracksuit pant feel, the drawstring doesn't. I managed to find my drawstrings in the stash- a 3 pack of coloured sports shoelaces did the trick, and a roll of white cord from the oppy saved the day!

Found this as I was uploading my pics- I really need to find a better photographer, or just post selfies, right? Grrrr...

I even made some mini ones! I used McCalls 3665 as the base, adding the all important bum ruffles, and then added some cuffs and the 'comfort' waistband.

And the recipient of those? Henry's baby sister, Penelope Eve. A new niece and cousin for me and my girl.

Pattern from here, one I've wanted to make for many years, and am pretty happy I have a niece to make it for!


Tas said...

Oh, you gotta love it when you find THE pattern that you can make over and over.

And the mini ones...those bum ruffles are so cute.

Michelle said...

I love them! They're fab!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That's an enviable winter wardrobe !
Looking at the mini ones made me realise that what I really need are bum ruffles . Once I've got those , I could cycle everywhere in comfort . Not that I'd ever be able to wear them with Penelope Eve's panache !