Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally starting one

I have finally stopped lurking, and started writing. I have been looking for a while at everyone else's creativity, and wanted to ask questions, chat and share ideas, and have found the right time to do it. I am in the middle of cleaning out the study, moving out boxes as I can't even get to the bookshelf, and no longer have the excuse of studying to put it off. What I find bizarre is that I used studying as an excuse for so long, but still didn't study every night, and had extensions for all my assignments! True procrastination is an art form, I think....
I want to use this as a tool for talking- I live with my 4 yr old, who sleeps a massive 12 hrs a night, so have many hours to kill, and stuff to natter about.
Will keep reading on how to start a blog, and if all else fails, I may even find a photo- who knows?
Any tips will be gratefully recieved...they may not be followed, but gratefully recieved teehee.
PS Can't seem to ad a pic yet to the post, it will happen soon I hope.

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