Sunday, July 13, 2008

Murray's new coat

A great day at Savers Footscray today, with some baby clothes for the Cabbage Patch Kids (not pictured) and this wonderful denim and red cotton coat for Murray! The red coat in the photo cost $15, new and this was only due to necessity (as well as being in the expensive grooming shop)- cold nights and little time meant I bought this one. Today, (when the pressure is off) I found this for...$2! It is lined in cotton, with 2 velcro stirps underneath, leaving a big hole to do number one's.... (the red one gets a little wet).

Murray was not very obliging for the photo, hopefully you get the idea- I am hoping this will become a good pattern for further ones! Sorry about the glowing eyes, can fix the red eyes but never these!

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