Monday, July 13, 2009

Eye Spy...a favourite party game

I'm joining in this week, finally, as I couldn't wait to put these photos in, then realised there wasn't a game in them! But maybe eating is a game?
I remember this party (?7 yr old)- the Mr Funny cake will long go down as my favourite. And I realised tonight I had matching paper plates and napkins! Looks like Mr Greedy to me.
I love this shot- standing around hoe-ing in! So many good things in this shot- the clothes, the wallpaper, containers for marshmallows etc, my brother's skinny legs and Stubbies. Memories.
Thanks Cindy for hosting this, head over here to read more.


Cindy said...

You have to love a themed party. How cute are those pics, I feel left out now. I will have to go and hunt some down.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Of course eating is a game, if you're eating pancakes.

Love those gorgeous 70's photos. They look exactly like a series of my own party shots from somewhere around that era.

Gail said...

Hi! LOVE the Polka-dot swap package! It was a great surprise on return from our trip! You are a clever thing being able to sew such cute bags! And I LOVE all the fabric too! Thanks soooooooooo much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute. Such nostalgia. I'd almost forgotten about Stubbies :)