Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow, how's the heat? I know, it's hot, why does everyone ask that question? Nothing else to do today but sew in front of the fan. These are the beauties I came up with...
strike a pose...
this little pattern turned out great, size 7 in vintage sizes, I've already had a request for an adult sized one. AND she picked the fabric/sheet. Noice.

I made this one first for her friend that came for a play date. She's very slim, I realised mine is very average size! Once Little Miss saw Miss T with one, she wanted one...mwah mwah mwah, my evil plan worked.

And finally got the hat brim right, she again picked the fabric, unfortunately it wasn't quite finished before she went out today, never mind.

Coordinating lining of course.

I'd love to do a recap, or pics etc, but it's too bloody hot in the study, so this will have to do

Edit: due to disgusting temperatures, all items made without the use of an iron!

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Liesl said...

Great stuff - love the hat and those little tops are very cute!

Wishing you and Little Miss health, happiness, lots of laughter and an abundance op shop treasures in 2010.

Hope to catch up soon.

Liesl xx