Monday, December 21, 2009

Showing off

I was going to wait until after Xmas, but I figured no one probably reads this anyway, so stuff it, I'm showing off! I finally finished them last night, and have to say they are HOT STUFF!

I won't tell you whose is whose, but here is the one I've nabbed.....this is my favourite fabric EVER! You may remember it from here.... scroll right down the bottom and there is the purple version in Little Miss's quilt.

I am willing to pay for or swap for any of this fabric, I can't get enough!! I love both purple and orange shades, but hey, there may be others...please get in touch and we'll negotiate. I'm desperate for the fix, man....
As you can clearly see from the above statements, Xmas has sent me crazy already. Compulsory in service training 4 days before Xmas? Having to take child with me to this? Having child whingey and tired since school finished and not wanting to be cooperative right now, as is told constantly "Santa will find out", and "Santa may bring you that".

Oy, what a time to stop drinking!!

Oh, almost forgot- I'm featured over here, this lover-ly lady has remembered my little coin purse and included me on her blog. Sweet!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

They look absolutely gorgeous. What a crafting machine you are.

Andi said...

Gorgeous purses Bec.
Lovely work!!
Andi :-)

Leonie said...

Cool purses and sympathy on the end of schoolitis. We are experiencing the same here with our 6 year old. Apparently the rules don't apply to him anymore, so every request is met with refusal, whinging and tears, oh so much fun!

leslie said...

popping by to say merry christmas to you and your sweet girl, hope you have a great one! xox

Unknown said...

Bec , love, love, love your purses

barb's creations said...

I have a mtr of the orange sitting in my stash if you're
interested.Just email me when you get the chance :) Barb.