Monday, March 15, 2010

I'll be back......

I miss this.

I miss it a lot.

Lets talk about Telstra. Or maybe we shouldn't, I don't want to depress anyone this early in the morning. But I do need to get it off my chest.
I rang sales. He told me to wait a week for a letter to say whether I can keep my old number. A week later, the letter didn't come. I rang again. 4people later, someone signed me up, new phone number, promised ADSL would be working the Tues after the public holiday.
Tues came and went. Tues night spent 40mins waiting to speak to someone, who said my modem hadn't been ordered. Ordered it for me and said it would arrive by Thursday. Rang them Thursday night, was told it would arrive Friday. Rang them Saturday afternoon (first free hour I had to sit on hold) to speak to Nathan at sales who informed me that I couldn't get ADSL at my new house, but nobody had checked that. The modem is still on it's way, though. So the cable modem has now been ordered, day 1 of waiting for that to arrive.
Did you get all that? I'm sure confused. Not one person has told me the same thing. And guess what, my Internet bill started the same day as the land line- not for this little black duck!
So I'll be seeing you soon, showing you my new home, which we are loving heaps! I don't want to leave it to go to work, that's for sure! Meanwhile getting little glimpses of the net at work or at friends, and my lovely friend Cam is coming to rescue me tonight. I'm going to give her some boy's fabric in return!


Cathie said...

ohhh Bec.
I don't like dealing with things like that, goodluck!!
have fun tonite

Julie said...

Pretty standard Telstra service from my experience!!!

Andi said...

Hate beurocracies!!
Glad the new house is great.
Can't wait to see pics.
Andi x

Unknown said...

Aaarrggghhh. Apart from the actual packing, moving and cleaning, telephone and internet would have to be the next worst aspects of moving house. I hope you get it all sorted soon.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh hang in there, just did my own Bigpond post!! Hello, internet, where did you go?? I did have to physically order a real life person to my home to fix my issues, i felt like touching him & English was his first language!! Chin up, love Posie

Kate said...

oh no - that is crazy! Hope it is sorted soon.

CurlyPops said...

Hope you're still surfing!

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

Aaaahhhh! As if moving is not hard enough. Hope all is sorted out soon