Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crafting, bonding...

A luver-ly weekend was had, despite the weather!!
A girl snuggled up with her new quilt;

reading me stories in the sewing room;

whilst I pieced and finished this quilt in a day! Well, a day and a half, I was asked to make it a week ago (that's what I'm telling myself, so I feel better for taking so long to do it. Don't want to think how long ago that was!)

I really love it, I was definitely waiting for the mojo to return! This one is quilt one for a pair of terrible 2's
Off to finish the 2nd one and can't wait to show you both of them!


Brianna said...

The first pic of her snuggled under the new quilt is so cute! Good luck getting the second quilt finished, love the first.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

And I can't wait to see both of them! Welcome back sewing mojo! xox

CurlyPops said...

Some little boys are going to be very happy indeed!

Andi said...

Go speed quilter!!!

Mistea said...

Cute - Love the pic of Little Miss with her quilt and the new one on the sewing machine looks just so cuddly.

Hope this weekend has been just as productive. The sun was a very welcome visitor.