Friday, August 27, 2010

I've made something!

So I had a few nights of testing out the stitches, I went through the book and surprisingly understood a fair amount of it!
By tonight I decided I might as throw myself in and sew something, learn on the job sort of thing.
So I picked this tutorial and made this huge bag!

I wanted it to fit in my work bag, to put my work ID etc in, might halve it I think. But great for a going away cosmetic bag!
I used a fancy over lock stitch so I could use matching thread....
and was horrified how wonky my seams came out. Well, that will teach me to go 1,000 stitches a minute or so!

I'm in love with the thread cutter, the bobbin winder, the knee lifter (it will take me AGES to remember to use that one). I also had to lift it out of the Horn cabinet, it was a bit low for me and I have a Nanna's back at the moment!

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Clair said...

Just have to remember, you're not a formula one driver. You're still on your "P's" at the momment.