Friday, August 12, 2011

She's catching the bug part 2

So after the paper craft project was finished, the girl picked up some scraps she'd found of mine, some chenille hearts I had pre-cut.

She was 'made' to iron her own applifix (important to teach her the tricks)

ad she was off at the machine!

 The teamwork between her and Jai was amazing- he was happy to be 'knee lifter' and responded to the instruction of 'lift' very quickly!

It was a one-sided team effort (you can easily fool a 4 yr old, but not a 7.5 yr old haha)

Despite this face in the photo, she happily made a 3rd project, a drawstring purse.

from this book. One I bought ages ago and left on the shelf, I knew it would come
in handy.

I'm so proud!! And not due to the 'following in my footsteps'; more for the
self-initiative she showed!


Andi said...

Go Syb!!!

Selina said...

So cute!

Nikki said...

Good to see the next generation of crafty chicks well on the way!!!

Alison said...

It's great to see she's caught the bug. We have that book also, must have another look at it.

Sue said...

Oh how fantastic that she has caught the bug. Izzy has that very same book and has only attempted 1 project from it so far, the ribbon bag but sadly it sits in a box still not finished, lol! Maybe I shall get her to read about Syb's ambitions and she might become enthused again!

Jennie said...

She did so well! Love the team work - with the knee lifter.
(ps. your daughter is gorgeous!)

Stomper Girl said...

She is so cute. And she'll be a craft queen when she grows up, if she's starting this early in life.