Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finished cushions

I've been teasing during 'My Creative Space' and on Instagram with pics of these cushions, and can finally reveal the finished items!

I bought this pattern over here and found it fantastic, so many pics and clear instructions. Only mistake I made was I didn't read them close enough, der!

Fabric is by Aneela Hoey, called Walk In The Woods.
Little Miss and I love her designs, and most of the cushions on her bed are made from her fabrics!
(actually searching for them on my blog made me realise I should label them all under "Aneela Hoey" rather than the fabric lines, and I'm sure I'll be getting her newer ranges too at some point!)

So here is Little Miss's cushion- complete with the Big Big BIG Book of Tashi ( "so they can see how big the pocket is, Mum")

 and I somehow managed to line the fabric up at the front of the pocket- a complete fluke!

I also made one for my friends little girl, who's birthday I just missed! Hopefully this will make up for me missing it!
I machine stitched the quilting around this one.

the blue/purple back is Little Miss's; scallopy quilting seen on a few other blogs lately, so thought I'd give it a whirl!

 And some spesh Far Far Away on the birthday gift.

  and the mistake? I used the Walk In The Woods fabric for the back and front of the petals, not realising they were being sewn down! I didn't want to hide the gorgeous fabric (or unpick them all, eek!) so I left them loose, just stitching up the seams of the Dresdens.

Oh, it also fits Teddy! ( A very tired, post birthday party face on the kid!)

So thanks for the pattern and fabric, from 2 very clever ladies! I learnt a lot making it!

PS a tip- don't try and making the binding smaller, go with the pattern directions! I tried to use my 2inch premade stuff, and as it's going around about 9 layers at some pints, the extra 1/2 inch is essential!

Oh, and I'm heading over to the flickr group to add my pics- there are amazing finished ones there, and boys versions too!


Kelly Casanova said...

Gorgeous cushions, that fabric is so cute!

Karen said...

These are gorgeous Bec, love this fabric range, I'm making skirts with it tonight!
Great gift, I bet the birthday girl will love it.

Leonie said...

Fantastic! Well done you! x

tales from a handmade home said...

Fabulous cushions, lovely blog.

Nova said...

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents! :) Your petals are perfect!

I adore your pillows so much!

Thanks for the nice things you said about my pattern.


Mistea said...

Your cushions look amazing - Lucky litte Miss and birthday girl.

Enjoy your sewing time.

Julie said...

They look amazing Bec.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Gorgeous cushions! What a great pattern, I have pinned it as they would make great presents for big and little girls.