Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bag a long a long a long.....

So my friend, the Queen of the Sew Along's, is having a new one for August. And no sticking to the same pattern, it's your pick!

Need some inspiration? Here's one I did last Saturday, for my friend's b'day present. It's a City bag, and is what I'd call 'one of the simple ones'. Some zipper practice, interfacing and easy strap, and super glam looking! Stoopid me forgot to photograph the lining in inside zip! Der!

Cam has a great shop, where she stock nearly all of Nikki's patterns, and will order any that aren't there if you ask her nicely! Other stockists are here.

I have another couple of bags planned, lets see how many I actually get done!

(Looking at these, I realised I got three bags out of this fabric! Not bad! And I still love it!)


CurlyPops said...

That fabric is lovely! I think I might need to re-visit the City Bag myself.

Tanya said...

OOOh, well done Bec. I'm tackling my first city bag for Cam's challenge. Did my first 'curved zip' today, will try and get onto handles tomorrow- great size, great shape, Im keen on it! Yours looks fantastic- and check you out, I just called Tas an over achiever and will happily call you one too (in a nice way x)

Mistea said...

One in the first week leaves time for at least one more in the other three weeks.
Your bag looks fantastic. Enjoy making more.