Sunday, September 9, 2012

For Sale (finally)

Yay, it's finally happening! 

I have listed these bags on my Facebook page, 'For sale'. I decided to start small with something with no fees, as I have no extra money at the moment, and hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

Descriptions and more pics are over 

I was thinking the other day, though, that all my pics seem to be of 'finished' things, and this isn't really what a blog/ my blog is about, I need to blog the process more! Unfortunately, all my fellow 'Instragrammers would have seen these before, but a lot of people aren't on Instagram, and are missing out! (on my pics, I mean, haha)

I'm going to try and blog more 'in process' pics, the finished item is good, but it's fun seeing the 'behind the scenes', isn't it?


Mistea said...

Definitely, especially the ones with your very able helper!
Enjoy making.

Jennie said...

For sure!! I ain't on the Instathingy yet, so great to see what you're up to! These are gorgeous!