Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still going....

Still going on the custom quilt, it's getting to the pointy end!

I layed it out the other night; 

after trimming them all and admiring :)

I was admiring the yummy scraps that came off too! So bright and cherry in the bin.

after the borders, I layed it out and check the fit. I was going for about a king size, and my bed is queen, so I'm pretty happy! 

The hardest thing about a custom order is keeping the balance! Creatively, I like lots of different projects on the hop, for different moods, or dependant on whether I can get off the couch or not at the end of the day!

I have been looking at these gorgeous bag patterns for a while, having followed Anna's blog for a while. I have tried a few of her tutorials and liked them, so I splurged on the weekend and bought her bag patterns 241 and Sidekick.

I started with the 241 pattern the other night. So quick- a 2hr movie on the laptop (the amazing Aussie movie Beautiful Kate) and it was printed, cut out and half finished! The rest done this morning.

I used denim, some DS Quilts print from Spotlight, and some of my fave honeycomb red spot. Vintage floral lining.

 And the denim? Chopped from a pair of my sister's old jeans! They came from my bad habit of looking through her bag of stuff for the op shop I had in the car boot! Hmmm, I'll add them to the pile! and they were very handy!

For the side panels I used the bottoms of the legs, and for the strap the upper part. So they are different shades as well. Which I think looks really nice!

Hmm, now to decide whether to keep or sell! It's pretty cute....


Jodie said...

That quilt is awesome!

Unknown said...

Love the quilt. That fabric is perfect for it. I love brights against white.

Cas said...

wow, love that quilt! visiting from blogtober :) cheers