Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 It's been an emotional week.

Where I've been thinking about where I am now, and where I've been.

About the people I've met and the ones still around me. The cool things I've learnt from my friends. About how lucky I am really.

Breathing. Living. Taking it all a bit for granted sometimes.

Blessed to have this girl.

and to watch her become and amazing big cousin. 
Wondering if she'll ever get the chance to be a sister.

And amazed and how much love there is for the gorgeous little man. He's starting to give it back, too.

Just had to add an extra shot of him on his 'down the fox hole' quilt- wearing his Mum's vintage tee she wore when she was a baby! "This shirt stops at all cookie jars" has been waiting a long time to be reworn!


Sue said...

They are so adorable together arent they. I am sure one day she will get to be a big sister and she will make a really nice one too.

Jodie said...

Cousins are pretty special, I always liked mmine much more than my sisters.... Probably cause I didn't have to live with them. She is the bomb !