Saturday, February 2, 2013

New top again.

I finished another top for the Little Miss.

I was reading my Reader one morning and saw this post; I showed the girl and asked what she though, she was keen! So we hot footed it to Spotlight before she changed her mind (and while their half price pattern sale was on as well heehee) 

She's keen for the jacket too.

Fabric is a floral voile from the clearance table. And goes so well with the shorts I 
bought her for her birthday!

 It was a really quick sew, the longest bit was getting from the cutting-out stage to the sewing-it-up stage!


Copper Patch said...

Great shape Bec. Sib looks lovely!!

Mistea said...

That's a very sweet top for little miss.
How lucky is she to have a clever mum!

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I love it in purple, and as a top! So happy that you read my post (nice to know someone reads my blog ;-)) and it inspired you. Take care x

Tanya said...

I love cotton voile. the top looks great. My girl is 10 and far too choosy for my liking in regards to what I can and can't sew for her!