Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hottie Project

I read about this project a short while ago, and thought that while I was onto one Hottie Challenge, I might as well add another! They are pretty fun to make (and nothing to do with men, and I think some friends believe!)

It's amazing to me that something so simple to make will mean so much to a child. I ended up making 2- I found the hexies in the stash pre-sewn by me, and waiting for the right project. 'Twas meant to be!

 These ones will be posted with a water bottle inside; then it can be filled and used straight away! Despite warm PJ's, blankets and heating, my girl loves cuddling one of these, and she highly praised my efforts, so hopefully they'll be OK. I used recycled wool blankets too, they are so cozy and snuggly.

there's heaps of other ways to help though, and all the info is here. I'm really happy I could do a little something to help, and remind me what a lucky little crafting community I am in.

Oh, and sneak peak at my fishy Tofino pants. I'll get some pics on the weekend to join the pajama party!

Oh, and Murray wanted to drop in a say hi- mid haircut- as it's been a while!

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