Thursday, June 20, 2013

A catch up

 A few tumbleweeds blowing through here, life has been whizzing by, mainly thanks to work, and catching up on here is often on the back burner. Remember you can follow me Instagram, though (as becsibbi)

Grab a cuppa, first catch up is the sewing!

I tackled my first 'crinkly' fabric book (I found mine here

It's recipient was suitably impressed! I've renamed that plastic 'baby crack', he goes nuts for it! Well chewed and bashed around already, which is just what you want! Cute fabric choices mean he even read it later on when he's bigger.

I've been loving some poms...pom pom of course! I used a weird square tool thingy which meant lots of trimming required. I'm experimenting with tools, I've even seen a fork used! They are too fun, and were for a purpose...

I've stuck them up on the wall in my office (sorry for weird colour pic, will try and take a better one next week). but you get the idea!

Sitting in this office with my only heating the one on the wall in the heater I needed a few winter work clothes- so this corduroy from Spotlight...

became, after an accurate fitting late at night,

a cord Wiksten Tova dress! I've lost count of how many times I've made this pattern now. I went down a size too, and love it even more! Soooo warm.

My cowl matched perfectly, and the fabric is heavy enough not to cling too much to my tights.

I'm a bit houndstooth mad at the moment, actually!

I've entered the Hottie Challenge again this year. Here's my last entry 2 yrs ago. I thought I was a bit more organised this time, but no, left it till the last minute again! At least when I dropped it to Ms Curlypops to get it in on time it meant I could get good pics this time! I'm looking forward to the opening party, I got to have a peak at about 1/3 of the hotties expected, and there so many I wanted! Cam is doing an amazing job organizing it all, she's a whizz with a spreadsheet thank goodness!

 Oh, and lastly, some nursery accessories I was asked to make, to go with the quilt I made my colleague. Some soft fabric baskets

A matching cushion (a little personal poem from mum to baby embroidered on the front)

 and some bandanna bibs. These pics were taken in the 'photo room' of Ms Curlypops as she has an awesome snap machine- the little hammer in snaps from Spotlight/Birch I've always used just wouldn't work! Frustrating! 
The bibs are backed with minky fabric, soft around the neck, and absorbent. they are too cute and fun to make.

Phew, I think that's enough for now! I have a new custom order quilt I am starting now, I was given free reign with pattern and fabrics, which is more stressful than you'd think (for me, anyway). But my friend is confident it will be great, so I am telling myself that! Will post some sneak peeks when I can.


Jodie said...

you a a machine Bec, I adore your hottie !!!!! It looks awesome.

Sally said...

Loving everything. Especially the baby book, the baskets, the bibs, the hottie cover, the dress, the houndstooth and of course the pom poms. Love it all.

How you find the time to work, mother and be so creative is beyond me... what's your secret???

Sally said...

... and a question... how much crinkle material do you get for $9.50??? I just checked out your link and I can't find a description of the size.