Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A finished quilt!

Another bit of a break between posts (I'll try not to say that at the beginning of EVERY post though) but I have a good reason! The battery in my laptop died a few weeks ago (may have been a few months, actually, have lost track). It was around that same time as a few other things broke, so a new battery wasn't high on the list of priorities. So I decided to leave it plugged in and use with the forward to the charger dying! A week and a bit to order a new one...lets just say, nice to have it back!
I've been working a bit more the last few weeks too, my colleague going on leave meant I was able to do 4 weeks of full time work! Eeek! Could I do it? Turns out- not very well! maybe for other little black ducks, but not this one! Keeping things running at home was a lot harder, and my time to 'look after myself' (usually by doing chores on my spare days the kiddo is at school, so we can spend the weekend together) was gone! So happily, due to work being quiet, the last 2 Fridays were cut off and I could breeeaatthheee!

I also got asked to do a custom quilt in the middle of all this! Of course, I said yes! It was for the sibling of the girl who got this quilt; and I was allowed to pick the pattern and fabrics! (had some colours to guide me).

I chose this pattern, and am really glad I did!  Easy to follow and accurate, I'm really hoping to try a few more of Allison's patterns, and get a copy of her book. Only problem is deciding which on to make first!

The fabrics were picked from GJ's Fabrics, during one of the Sit n Sew days of the MMQG. I had a few helpers thankfully, as picking fabrics is not my forte!

 (Sewing is a lot more fun with sparkly nails I've decided!)

 lots of trimming!

and finally came putting it all together. A rockin' Saturday night that was!

I planned it to be finished by this weekend coming- but I got absolutely motivated at the sit n Sew day on last Saturday with the Guild, and got it basted, quilted and nearly bound in one day! I finished the binding that night. Then went to bed and died of back pain haha.

  Yummy binding!

  I'm happy to say it was all worth it! I didn't get much time in the old grey weather for good pics, as it was picked up quick smart- so some indoor shots to show the quilting, and outdoor for the colours.

I'm going to miss working on this beauty!


Jodie said...

I love it.... The back as much as the front.

rachelmp said...

It looks wonderful! I've ordered the book too and can't wait to flick through it

Michelle said...

That is SUPERB!!!!

Cass said...

Bec I hardly ever comment on blogs anymore because I am slack but I just had to come in and say I love your quilt, it's gorgeous

Julie said...

Sorry. Couldn't part with that one!

Tas said...

Gosh, you impress me with your quilting. Truly lovely.

Bir Tutam Karınca said...

Great job.

Bronwyn said...

Love the colours love the pattern love the back piecing - just Ace all round!!

Alison said...

do you sew your binding on before you trim up your quilt. Do you then trim leaving a 1/4" of batting to go into the binding when you turn it to the wrong side?

Hope this makes sense. The dotty binding looks brilliant.

Jacinta said...

Gorgeous! Beautiful selection. Also... hardly surprising re the time between posts. You and me both!

Sue said...

It is beautiful Bec. I love quilts with lots of color and a white background.