Monday, October 14, 2013

Simplicity 2380

So keeping up with the summer sewing theme (and still on the clothes) the girl and I were window shopping last week when we went into Bardot Junior. I was asked to take her out of there (by her) as she wanted everything in the shop! This jumpsuit caught her eye, anmd I quietly freaked out over the price! So I reminded her of this pattern, which I made her twice 2yrs ago, in dress and short style.

So here are the 2 pairs....and the challenge for me was to whip them up in a weekend!

and she picked this off the clearance table at Spotlight, bless her, trying to save me more money. $15 for the fabric. NOT my pick at all, I thought a plain purple, or an animal print but we couldnt find it.

I didnt want to do a casing and elastic, I deviated from the pattern (a big "shock, horror" for me) and tried some shirring elastic. Too easy!

It was a border print, and I'm sure it's sideways, but I (and her) aren't too fussed.

A try on at a few stages...

  and the shirring around the waist. A bit gentler on the 'food baby' than a casing and elastic!

I finished it last night after bedtime, so she was desperate to try it on after school- stinky socks and all (freezing in Melbourne today!)

 I need my sunglasses! So cool though, and there were grumbles when I asked her (4 times) to take it off and go for her shower!

  'Jumping' in her jumpsuit!
Lucky this pattern goes up to a 16, so a few more versions I hope. 
Especially if I find that animal print rayon!

and, gratuitous baby shot. We took him to the park! Love the boy so much!

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Anna said...

That looks so cool Bec!