Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Birthday Quilt

So my Little Miss is 10! I cant believe it, which I'm sure every parent says! I was particularly touched that she asked me to make her a quilt for her birthday; I had recieved some vintage fat quarters along with my Snap Press, and also went into a swap, so was arranging them (in colours, of course) and testing out this pattern for myself when her request was simple- "One of those in purple please"!


  I enlisted the help on Instagram to pick the pattern (the left one); 

 and got to work! I managed it in about 4-5 days; Using the time she was at camp for layout and basting, and after she was asleep for the quilting.

I accidentally (no, really, it was)  used the same pattern binding that I used for this quitl; I love the coincidence, as does she!

And the full thing

and backing. My girl and I love fake moustaches, and  this print was perfect for the back. Some different quilting patterns gave it a lot of interest.

 A perfect fit! (Teddy approves).


Unknown said...

very nice bec

trash said...

They just keep getting betterer and betterer from here on. Watch while her sense of humour, sense of style, sense of self and independence all skyrocket then sit back and revel in what you have made. Ace quiltage too. Happy 10th birthday S :-)

Mistea said...

Lucky Miss10 that is another gorgeous quilt you have made.
She knows she got the best present.
Happy 2014 to you and the Miss.