Thursday, January 2, 2014

A first birthday

Oops, nearly forgot to show you the cake! I made one of these which I'd seen around blog land and had to try (icing was supposed to be purple, but looked a bit grey). It tasted, and I got a heap of compliments for the part guests which was lovely! I do love a challenge...

(2nd pic a bit blurry, but shows more colours)

 We ended up having both kid's birthday parties on the same day- Henry's first birthday from 11am to 2ish, and the my girls from 5pm onwards. 4 friends slept over, what an experience THAT was!

But the little man's day was lovely, great weather, and a very happy chappy with his balloons!

 His party outfit was a bit of handmade by me stuff, which was cute. I love making him stuff, as he actually has to wear it (unlike a tween girl). Here he is munching on some BBQ corn, it was an amazing feats of slow cooked meats and salads, and vegies. YUM!

And he loved all the fuss, of course (who wouldn't?)

I made some bunting for the party, which is now in his room. I found all these fabrics precut into squares in the stash (the stash in the garage, that is). I think I planned to sell it at one stage- good for Henry I didn't!

 Bright and cheery!

His present arrived about a week later (and I still haven't made the hat- oops!) It's a Kinder Boy, whom I named Neville. A great pattern, and not toooo fiddly for my fat old fingers! It was a lot of fun picking the fabrics (OK, that may have taken me one whole evening). I used the Doctors Flannel as recommended in the pattern, which is totally worth the hunt for. Easy to work with, soft and you can tell it's durable (it's 100% wool but the non itchy kind).

 I gave him cowboy undies!

  and some spinal surgery. He's a red head, as it was the only wool felt I had in the stash, and I didn't want it to go all pilly like acrylic felt.

Very cute!

He was gifted with this perfect basket I found at the oppy

and a mattress and blankie, too.

His favourite bit was the tearing of the paper- hesitant here at his birthday, but 2 weeks later at Xmas there was no hesitation!

An action shot from my sister the next day, I just wanted to check it was in use haha

and our Boxing Day proved just as much fun, the excitement he had about his own 
maraca and bells was contagious!

Just beautiful!


Jodie said...

Neville might be cute but that cake is awesome !!!!

Bec I am said...

Great job on the cake, I wouldn't even attempt that! And great doll, we love a man doll at our house :) said...

Awesome cake!! Awesome toy making!!!