Friday, December 26, 2008

A lazy time had by all

Ahh, the build up is immense, and then on the day.....nothing. Nought. Nil. Bliss.

After the presents were opened and new dvd's being watched, it was back to bed for a 2 HR NAP! Was woken at 11.30 and the local cafe made us eggs for Xmas lunch. My big plans for a picnic lunch were squashed when I realised she was happy playing with her new things, I did a bit of sewing, and did not feel guilty about it. A day of rest we had, mmmmm.

A new member of our family is spunky little Diego, wearing Murray's Schmackos Xmas hat.

The Santa sack seemed bottomless, but holds a years worth of goodies.

these new lantern lights have changed her room around a bit, a perfect night light. The flash photo didn't have the same effect.

And how surprised was I when I opened my little girls present to me (organised by my girlfriend) and found she had picked this gorgeous set for me. What good taste! I bought her her first grown up watch, which she is loving, learning to tell time is important for a school girl, she tells me.

And the sewing was yesterday was to finish off a hat for my friend's daughter, and one for my little miss. No embellishment needed for this one, great fabric, great style, thanks again Nikki!

The rest of today, which has started out a lot like yesterday (but throwing out boxes and wrapping instead of making more), with a bit of tidying, a bit more sewing (another pressie to finish before tonight) and a bit of napping. I have to brave the shops, only because my house guests accidentally took my phone charger with them on their holiday! Despite posting it back, it won't arrive till next week, and I am left textless, arghh, the tragedy! Hope I can get it charged at a shop somewhere.......


Nikki said...

Sounds like a lovely day. And the hat looks fab!

Liesl said...

Your hat is gorgeous! I really like the fabric you have used. I mainly have boys to sew for, so I'm envious of those pretty florals!

PS. Diego's hat isn't too bad either!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Sounds like the perfect Christmas day! The hat is gorgeous, and the little latern lights look sweet too! Glad you had a good day.

CurlyPops said...

That sounds like such a lovely relaxed christmas day. I have that hat pattern too. It looks fabulous. I really must have a go!