Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy buzzy bee!

I feel I am torn in about 10 ways at the moment, and I only have one child to get ready for Xmas! And as I am trying to do a handmade Xmas (and already failing miserably) I haven't been getting many projects finished, but a lot started. After my visit to here last week (or the week before, I have lost track) I bought this pattern and wanted to try it immediately. Nikki has so many great patterns, I am not just saying that, they are E-A-S-Y too, her blog and website are great too. I have the Bell bag before, and am making a few for pressies this year, as well as the Baguette, and now the Kid's Hats. I can't wait to book a class in the purse making, I have been enviously reading others blogs about this fun day.

Anyway, enough about my New Year's Resolution (which is too attend some craft classes for the social contact!) here is the new hat in the making (checking size and having a laugh)
and the finished product. There are a few variations you can make, and I am not sure which one I did, as it's my first, but believe me, it took 2 nights and no unpicking! I did stab my middle right finger hand sewing the lining onto to denim, and it is now hot and sore, but that is an occupational hazard for a sewing person (how do you spell sewer? As in "I am a sower").
Goes great with the jarmies, denim is a bit heavy for it, but the next will be lighter cotton. (When I told little miss I had put a flower on it, she said "that's not a flower, it's a yo-yo"!)
A handmade Christmas star- cut from the card I was made at day care, couldn't have made it better myself!
Remember this post? well, here is my version. Old canvasses Little Miss had painted on, that I didn't want to keep but wanted to recycle, some foam and brown velveteen (stated by my sis to be better as it doesn't show the dust!). Very easy, and I am wearing more accessories, which I like.
Had another party today for my daughters dad's family, and I attempted another cake. Hope it's not posted to this blog....I think it's a disaster, the cakes broke, the icing is too bright, it was late at night.....the kids loved it though, no more cakes for a year, yay.
A last link, I attended this market yesterday, going out in the ferocious storm to get lollies for the above mentioned cake (AND I couldn't find heart lollies anywhere- what is THAT about?). Apparently it wasn't advertised much, I got a flyer and as I live around the corner dropped in. Everything was great, but I have to plug this man's work- I was taken aback and so amazed by his work, and he was lovely to chat too. We had a discussion about the magic Faraway Tree, and pixies, and my poor daughter was a bit bored! I am picturing a few pixie doors in the backyard to make it special.....
Have a great week!

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