Monday, October 26, 2009

sewing for the fussy 101 Day 26

You always wonder when you're handmade creations will stop being taken gratefully, and how you will know.
When I cut this pattern out a while ago, I went through all my fabrics with child and asked what she wanted.
This was the answer.
That face is a 'I don't think so Mum'. After finishing purple pants that were too small, she opted for green ones, which still have a small bottom part-'bum crack pants' I call them. And apparently not comfy! They won't even do as pj pants, she said!
Also, the headscarf has now been rejected. So the top has survived!

In case you're wondering, this is the pattern, one of my bargain ones from Spotlight a while back.

Again, she picked the green Hollie Hobbie fabric, one I didn't have much left of, but she has today rejected it. So there'll be a size 6 View in the shop soon!
It was easier when she couldn't talk!


Rose said...

I love it lol, love that holly hobbie fabric too. Yep my Miss 5 is forever asking me to make her a skirt or a dress but then refuses to wear it. The joy of little girls lol.

Do you have a link to your shop? I have searched your blog high and low but am either blind or missing something lol

CurlyPops said...

I'm pretty sure I bought that same exact bargain pattern!

Andi said...

Ungrateful little buggers.
I was helping Jake clean his room yesterday when he accused me of treating him "like a slave".
I could have wrung his little neck at that moment!!!
If that dress would fit me, I'd wear it. Who doesn't love Holly Hobby?
Andi :-)