Sunday, February 7, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Oh, I wish I had some beautiful piece of furniture to show, something from decades or centuries ago, but alas, the 80's still does it for me.
I dropped in yesterday to my favourite Salvo's St Kilda (remember the couch?) and found my 'new house' place mats, and Little Miss's favourite board game ($4!). She has been madly playing this with the neighbour, but as he won't be so close anymore, it'll be up to me tyo get my butt kicked!

I dropped in on a friend yesterday and was gifted with these. Aren't they incredible? I love them, will they be used or on display, I haven't decided yet. But a very appropriate gift heehee
(God, I won't be missing that carpet much).

and a little find Cam and I had the other day. Couldn't resist a shot of the wedding dress with purple fur trim! The back was equally as gorgeous, with the purple fur around each sleeve cuff too. Noice. Different. Unusual.

See over here for some (proper) finds from our great host.


Amanda said...

the pineapples are great!

that dress is bad

Brenda said...

I love that board game! Your place mats are real funky and will look great at the dinner table I'm sure!

I think my mother has the same carpet, or one very similar!

CurlyPops said...

That dress just cracked me up all over again.... it truly is bloody awful!

Unknown said...

Oh that board game is fabulous! What a score. And that dress, oh my! Hopefully it was a fancy dress costume... hopefully. What fun, thanks so much for playing along!
Sophie x

Vic said...

Oh your carpet reminds me of the carpet in our last rental - but, you may be happy or distressed to know, yours is a little tamer. Goddamned 70s interior decorating insanity... you should have seen this house, it was like a timewarp or a bad acid trip... *shiver*

Meanwhile, what purty pineapples!