Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place and Yours

I wanted to play along last week, and still might- the whole shoe thing....lets' talk in another post.
This weeks one is very poignant- this is the kitchen I am about to leave behind!!! This big lump of wood came from the side of the road when we moved in, and as appreciative as I am about it, having no other form of bench top/pantry in the place, I see it as a sign that my partner at the time was such a loser, this was the best we could do!!!!!

Things I won't miss about my kitchen:
  • bench top/cupboards being on bricks
  • Floor being bumpy, so lots of stuff rolling under said bench top/cupboards.
  • a gap at the back so lots of stuff rolls down the back.
  • Hard to clean under.
  • Hard to clean around
  • Unable to open oven door (at right hand side of bench) completely, therefore making cooking difficult
  • Gap between stove and sink, with years of other people's gunk down the side...

Oh, where was I ? Just about the bench space, right? The cupboards have been useful;, once I got everything into Tupperware and could stack, but cooking involves lots of moving around of containers, and I couldn't be arsed half the time!!

Here's to 3 weeks and being in a new kitchen.......

(photos of new dishwasher to come....)

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Jodie said...

Your new kitchen will feel like a dream !!!

CurlyPops said...

Woohoo! I'm looking forward to the kitchen warming.

CurlyPops said...

PS - we can use every dish in the house and then put them in the dishwasher

Unknown said...

We've had a few makeshift benches in rentals over the years, and I can also relate to the mess next to the oven. You will love having a dishwasher! It's nice to have somewhere to hide the dirty dishes.

Vic said...

So Bec, the "Kitchen Love" you are sharing is "I will LOVE leaving this kitchen!"?! ;)

Good stuff.

We're planning a reno on our "kitchen" in the cottage & we're not even considering a dishwasher... am I behind the times? Not hip & down with the kids?

I don't know. We had one once & it never got unloaded & didn't wash very well. Plus I like whinging about not wanting to do the dishes...

Thanks for playing alongs Sweets!