Monday, February 1, 2010


After the first day of school drop off, where Little Miss ran off and sat down in the front without a goodbye kiss for mum (sob), I headed over to Curlypop's sewing studio to make an a-line skirt.
The aqua tablecloth was perfect.....

with the 80's 'Ken Done' type print shoes form the oppy for $2.99!

The purple back also went with all the colours, and the shoes are so comfy!! A whole new outfit for under $10!!

The first day called for a repeat photo.

and the best bit? back to school after finally losing her first tooth! And the one next to it is already wobbly.....


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh back to school fun!! Year 1 will see the tooth fairy working over time. Good luck with that, love Posie

Andi said...

Gorgeous new outfit.
Hope she had a great first day.
House news?
Andi :-)

CurlyPops said...

Well I must say that the skirt and shoes are fabulous... and that little girl down the bottom is pretty darn cute too!

Nikki said...

Finally, a reason to write to the tooth fairy!

Cute skirt Bec but I thought the plan was to be getting rid of shoes, not adding to the collection!

Kate said...

Oh yay for the tooth finally coming out! When I saw you gals in Daylesford she was desperate. The skirt is pretty ace too.

Jacinta said...

Cute skirt Bek, and I love the bag from yesterday... such great colour and pattern combinations.
Lookin good!

Jacinta said...

oops - sorry, I meant bec. Hope it's not something that drives you crazy!

Izabela Walters said...

I'm Izabela from the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild.
Also have a 'grade oner'.
And although I did get the obligatory 'kiss and cuddle', I had real trouble pulling her out of the classroom yesterday.
Living in Point Cook, so not too far from Yarraville - maybe we should meet for a coffee sometime?

Gypsy said...

Mucho gorgeous - the skirt and the munchkin ;) Love it!