Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy weekend

It's been a quiet one around here this weekend, gloomy weather and a gloomy head has mean I've got to be busy!! So yesterday I pulled out the big pile of knitting needles and made them a little (big) cozy. A few were culled, don't worry!

Ahh, order has been restored!

Love it!

Today I finally put the dining table to it's proper use! A few things were cut and gotten ready for an evening in the sewing room.

Ms Ace and Little Miss were busy, doing this and that, girl child
snapped this one-

If your head is feeling a bit gloomy too, try here or here.


Janice said...

What a terrific kniting needle roll. I haven't seen a multi level one before, but it makes perfect sense to store the different length needles. Very clever.

Sue said...

Your knitting needle roll looks great. Cats make me laugh, I really do wonder what they would say if they could talk or maybe its better not to know!

Karen said...

Sorry you're feeling glum Bec, hope you are back on top of it all soon.
You have been busy haven't you!
Love the needle roll - unlikely I will need one fo those anytime soon (given my extreme wool-craft-impairment).