Sunday, July 4, 2010

A pattern catastrophe

Today I made what I think was the most confusing pattern I've ever tried! It's the apron overlay from Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts pattern. I've made a few Amy Butler patterns, and loved them, but I think it was me, basically everything in this skirt, was done twice! The tie has interfacing- a mistake, which makes it stick up a bit, like a tail. I had skipped stitches etc. Not the best fun to make, and it probably was just me, I'll definitely try it again to be sure. Has anyone else made this? And can 'give me the light' so to speak?

Anyway, after reading this post this post, I popped over to visit my buddy and help pass the time. The best thing about her being sick and in hospital? She's about 5 mins from my house! So I saw her Tues, Wed, think I skipped Thurs, no wait, had coffee that day, ?Fri, def Sat, and Sunday too. Now you understand why she wants to go home, right?

She became chief photographer for this troublesome (but cute) skirt. It does remind me a bit of a hospital gown (I'll let you guess why)

yep, it's reversible;

OK, we were playing silly buggers and thought we were a bit funny;
Little Miss is happy as long as she gets the TV remote and half the bed; Cam and I can sit and knit anywhere!
Hope you're home tomorrow, matey, and that we helped cheer up your bothering stay!


CurlyPops said...

Ha ha those photos are hilarious!

Andi said...

You're a good friend Bec!!

Miss Milla's said...

I feel your pain. I brought this pattern about 18months ago and was super keen to make it, and it nearly sent me mad!! I love Amy Butler designs, but find the patterns hard to follow. I think it is as she has a very unique style of written instructions that are quite different to every other pattern.

But you did a fab job and the end result looks great.

And what a great person you are for sharing some laughs with a friend who looks like they need a pleasant distraction.

Karen said...

Love the photos - look slike you brightened up Cam's afternoon!
I have that pattern - unopened I fear - along with all the other patterns I bought to make things for me!!
Looks great though Bec - you seem to have figured it out fine.

Unknown said...

That a great skirt and you are a great friend , lucky Cam !

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Poo I just ordered that pattern.....hopefully it's just you and I can work it out teehee ;)

Hilarious photos!! Cam is very lucky indeed to have you guys popping in. I think you might miss each other when she goes home xox

trash said...

Perhaps that is Cam's key to breaking free? Leave your gorgeous wee one tucked up in bed and take Ms. Pops home with you. Then when the staff come to poke and prod some more everyone will be so flummoxed your girl can leg it home to safety and all will be well.

Annie said...

The skirt looks great - I too have the pattern as I just loved it, but as yet, have not tried it. Love the idea, thanks for the tip on the ties - I'll have to give it a go.

Clair said...

Love the skirt, love the photo's and btw....great legs!

BOB & MABEL said...

A friend and I made quite a few of these skirts together. It was a bit tricky but we just nutted it out together, didn't put interfacing on the tie and didn't line it either.

Ashleigh said...

Great photos really capture the mood! I can only imagine if you have trouble with this pattern then heaven forbid if I try it!!