Friday, December 3, 2010

Couldn't wait!

Nope, it's driving me nuts not being able to show it off, so I'll just keep her from the computer for one more night. I'm giving it early (tomorrow, her b'day is Monday) as a 'I went into labour today' present haha. Any excuse really. (Yes, I actually was in labour for 2 days. Not the whole time)

Some really cute pics of the kid (God, that was hard picking!)

 Funky vintage zipper and great colours

Brown honeycomb fabric (Spotlight, I think) and a label. Corny but cute.

And a funny photo of my windowsill this morning- AFTER I came out and there were ants everywhere.

"Like ants to the are the Days of our Lives" (cracked me up, anyway!)


Andi said...

Great cushion Bec.
Love those printable sheets!!!

Cathie said...

ahhh, soo cute! she'll love it.
I have ants on my window today too...sooo many!
happy birthday little Miss ♥

Mistea said...

Super cute cushion.
Lucky you don't have to do the labour thing again!