Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Done and dusted.

There was much excitement, with reindeer dust and Santa snack left out....

Lots of present unwrapping and paper-in-bin behaviour....

 and great enjoyment of the gifts- lots of books!

 Thanks, Santa!

We headed off yesterday for some strawberry picking, with hundreds of others....thankfully grey and raining in Melbourne means sunny in Main Ridge!

Very happy with our picking!

And yummy treats afterwards.

Hope you're having a nice relaxing break :)


Sue said...

Lots of books sounds like fun from Santa! Strawberry picking looks nice too, what lovely weather you had. I should take the kids to Bacchus Marsh and pick some! I hope you have a lovely New Year too Bec!

Mistea said...

Yum fresh strawberries - nothing quite the same. My gran used to grow them in her garden when I was young and we always got to eat them fresh.
That treat looks delicious.

Mary-Anne said...

I remember going to Sunny Ridge a few times as a kid and since having my own I've now made it a mandatory trip each summer when we go down to the family beachhouse at Rye. We wind up eating strawberries for days. So yummy!And that is just the best ever strawberry sundae!!