Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gifty McGifterson

So I had a little birthday...remember? I thought i'd share some handmade pressies from me mates.

B Fab put on Twitter she wanted to make this- so I offered she make it for me- yippee! In my new fave Terrain fabric. I think it's a Melly and Me pattern. I forgot, was too busy staring at it's cute puffy ears!

Also, this is what the surprise from Cam was! What an amazing job she's done, I'm pretty bloody lucky to have a friend like her!

 The back is so neat, but it unfortunately sat on my bed for about 5 secs before the stinky cat's fur covered it. Grrr....It will be coloured side up from now on!

Then on Sunday I hosted a crafty catch up with a few friends, due to the rain the day before, where we did a Kris Kringle. It was definitely a (happy) coincidence I scored more MsCurlypops stuff!

Here it is in action, with my specialty- tuna casserole! My 2nd love only to my child. (and to hear her say how much she loves it is music to my ears!)

I'm a pretty lucky girl!


Vic said...

Love this post Bec! I don't think I was around to say Happy Birthday, sorry, but you look like you had a great time anyway... ;)

CurlyPops said...

Look how colourful all those pressies are!
I looooooove tuna casserole. Yum.