Saturday, November 12, 2011

Makeover Part 1

Have had plenty of things to blog lately; just lost the blog-jo for a while. But am back with my latest project.
I decided for my birthday this week to give the sewing room a makeover, a bit more professional and sparkly, with great ideas from MsCurlypops. (Thanks for letting me be a 'copycat from Ballarat', Cam).

so here's the before (very tidy, too)

there's lots of stuff done on the floor in here, which isn't the most comfortable all the time!

When I saw Ikea had free delivery this week, I thought I was meant to shop! Unfortunately, 2hours in a queue and missing the delivery due to a 'not my fault' error means I may pay the $35 next time....
but they finally arrived!

the room was cleaned out;

helpers enlisted;

instructions carefully read (what sort of idiot would do this anyway?)

Of course, this instruction was completely ignored- I NEEDED to prove I could 'do it myself'

stay tuned for part 2....(don't hold your breath or anything though)


nicole said...

eeee! i see heart bunting!!
can't wait to see how it turns out!!

Jenifir said...

I am looking forward to the reveal. Most of my sewing room makeover (that was not already there) was from Ikea.

Vireya said...

Nice birthday present for yourself!

Happy birthday wishes, and I'm looking forward to seeing the 'after" shots!

Stomper Girl said...

Good luck! Bummer about the delivery error.

small forest said...

Is it the week for sewing room makeovers or something?
Ive seen three (so far) and ive been so busy doing my own ive hardly been looking!
I too went to Ikea for inspiration, didnt know about the free delivery, hmmmph. Couldnt decide on anything yet but will wait and see what you chose so I can copy you, not really.
Ill just be waiting for your results. Have fun!