Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When it's all about me...

which lately, it has been. 
But first, before I get to the birthday, here's a sneak peak of the sewing room. It's coming along...

Sunday afternoon saw me  saving sanity filling boredom by getting my helper in. Off came the old Dymo labels ( that were sticky taped on as they didn't stick well to this kind of plastic)

and on with the new. I had most of these boxes anyway, originally paying $2.98 a box from Big W, they hold 3 patterns each. I went back for a few more, reduced to $1.98 each. Now THAT'S what I call a bargain...

And they completely fit in with my obsessive compulsive side!

And then on Monday it was my birthday. Filled with extra lovely tweets and texts and Facebook messages from all my bloggy and some real life friends; guys, without you I would be in the corner rocking in the fetal position, my big bloggy family are the bomb!

Dinner was with a girlfriend and the kiddies;  they made me feel spesh with drawings and cards, and lots of hugs from my main man Jai.

yummy cakes which I chopped up and shared;

and some awesome shopping skills from the Little Miss. Thanks to 2 awesome friends that picked her up and took her shopping, she then wrapped by herself, wrote on the card etc. I've trained her too well!
(ok, I may have shown her which books I wanted, she ain't that good yet!)

So, another older, lots of stuff undone (I really wanted to clean the fridge out last year, hmm, maybe this one) and a sense of who my family is and getting on with life without the old stuff around my neck. Still hate birthdays though!!


Tania said...

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chook! For a non-lover of the annual celebratory, you did great. As a fellow non-lover of those weird its-supposed-to-be-all-about-you days, I'm aiming to be REALLY good at them by the time I hit 60. About the same time as I aim to clean out the fridge.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday! I always look at birthdays as a good thing, it wouldnt be nice to never have another one! Glad your cute girl got you some lovely pressies, and it sounds like you have wonderful friends too.

Biting You in The Eye said...

Hi Bec Nathan here! congrats on the big 37 birthday on the 14th! I didn't realise you were a visitor to the blog. I like your A-ha T-shirt. Do not ever show that to June, she will want it. Hope you are doing well.