Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More good things

I'm not expecting much good stuff over Xmas, it's pretty quiet around with no family, so I'm enjoying the last few weeks of nice/good things!! 

The delightful Cathie gifted my lucky girl this yummy Ginger house!

we decided to renovate on the way home (ie I gave it to the kid to hold) so I don't 
think there'll be much left by Xmas!)

I've cleaned out the girl's wardrobe, and had 2 boot loads of clothes and toys etc I've been (crazily) holding onto to drop of at the oppy. So I allowed myself this beauty....

and these gorgeous shoes!

The word on the street on Sunday was that Sportsgirl had these great shoes half price! a quick call to my closest one had me travelling into the city, to have it pay off with these! For $40!

Also, have started chopping up my Ink and Spindle fabric. Can't show too much here in case the surprise is blown...


Michelle said...

What? Saltwaters for only $40? I am so there! Due to foot problems I can't wear them all day but I do love them so!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Karen said...

Salties for $40!!! WHAAAATT!!
Merry Christmas to you and your lovely chick Bec - hope you have been good enough to make the nice list.