Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sewing stuff

I finished a few things off this week, have to happy about that!
I had a friend ask me for a round make up purse, and gave me a large one as a idea. She wanted it smaller than the one she had- so I scaled it down a bit and made the round one. She then asked for a rectangular one, which is a bit bigger than I think she wanted, but should fit a hair straightener! 

Lined in green and clear vinyl, easy to wipe out spills! I made a little jewellry roll to go with
 them, but forgot to take a picture!

I found these fabrics in the stash, so started a little quilt for the couch. Yep, I really did
 mean to make a wall hanging, of course!

I was catching up with Tinniegirl tonight, and hadn't been to her new place yet, so made 
a little belated housewarming pressie.

It's the Flip Side Pillow, tutorial here.

I also picked up some new fabrics for a special quilt; if there's a chick in Africa reading this,
 look away now!

mmm, can't wait to get into this lot!


CurlyPops said...

The make-up bags look fab... and you said you couldn't make anything without a pattern???

Andi said...

Much gorgeousness!!

Tas said...

Lovely, all of them. But those make up bags are especially gorgeous!

Unknown said...

You know, if you change your mind about sending all that lovely I&S to your African friend, you could send it to me. You wouldn't have to do anything to it or anything, just as is would be fine. Wait while I get you my address....

The makeup purse and straightener caddy both look great, as does that awesome quilt. I love the colours in the quilt.

Clair said...

Wow, you've been busy! Love your new fabric and the make-up bags are fantastic!

Stomper Girl said...

Great sewing work and make sure you show us the I&S quilt before you parcel it off overseas

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

The pillow is right at home in my studio. Love it Bec.