Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Creative Space

I haven't joined in for a while, never seem to be organised on a Thursday! And the laptop has been playing up- Google anything not working well, an Outlook fail, and it's off to get serviced soon. 
Today it's allowing me to blog (so far so good)

So I'm finally getting around to basting this big one together. I think I started it about a year ago? I made the king size (in for a penny, in for a pound) and plan to hand quilt it similar to the pattern instructions. There is a flickr group I'll try and add pics to as well.

The hand basting has nearly done my back in though- it's sticky taped to the floor of the lounge room (couches all moved out) and I've been working on it each night. (quilt is too big for table tennis table, and it's too cold out in the garage anyway!) 4 nights so far. Nearly done.

I plan many nights on the couch hand quilting this winter!

a big thanks to Sarah for answering questions and encouraging the hand quilting experience!

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Notchka said...

Wow - now that is dedication! I love the pattern - a good use for scraps!

Michelle Walker said...

wow!! what an amazing job you have done. Well done you!! I sooo want that pattern to do now too!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Super pretty Bec, long time no peeking at your blog, sorry honey, love Posie

Partito y Monito said...

Looks fantastic! The sore back will be worth or in the end!!

Debra said...

its adorable...i plan to get mine out soon too. Its for my sisters birthday 16th July...i better get moving....brave lady handbasting.
I will pin baste mine...lazy but effective and hand quilting

ARTwendy ... said...

Loving your SG King size ... same size as I am about to tackle .... great work Bec ... Cheers