Sunday, June 24, 2012

A while ago....

So a few weeks ago I got hold of this lovely stretch fabric from Karen. Remember the Tova that didn't fit? Yep, we swapped!
It actually looks black, but is a dark navy. 

I thought I'd try it with this pattern. I think I like it.

It is quite a thick knit, so I think a lighter knit would drape a little better. But this is super warm!

I finished it in the morning and wore it out that afternoon. Karen was there and snapped a pic! 

I also made a few bags. I have left a job (and started at a new one, don't worry) and wanted to give a few of my fave colleagues a little something. Boy, it's hard finding something to make 6 of (I ended up keeping one teehee) that are quick and easy!

I went with this tutorial- and used up quite a few scraps!
The most fun was choosing the colour combos

and the linings! They look great, and were very well received! For anyone wanting to try it, do it- clear instructions, and only used fabric and batting. It stated fusible batting, but I joined my scraps together of cotton batting from quilts, spray basted them on, and then quilted around the patchwork squares to keep them in place. Once it was all sewn up the batting is in position!


Unknown said...

The top looks great - nice and bold and graphic. I like the last bag best, which one is yours? Good luck with your new job

Mistea said...

Love the bags. You really do manage finish quite a lot of things.
Enjoy the new job.

Jennie said...

The striped top is gorgeous - especially with those boots!! Those bags are such great presses - looks like a lot of work to me tho!x

Danielle said...

Love the top! And the bags look fabulous!

manda said...

Oh gosh, it looks fantastic!!! Well done, it looks warm too. Needed for down there. It's cold enough here at 14 degrees...ok so not that cold..
Love the bags! Everyone will love them!

Sue said...

Love your new tunic, looks great on you. The bags are just beautiful too. Good luck with the new position too.