Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A bit of sewing....

 As I mentioned, I have been up to a bit of sewing, and loving my new items.

I finally got around to the City Shopper, which is a bigger version of the Wristlet bag I made here. 
I don't know the name of the flap fabric, it was in the stash but bought from Amitie a while ago.  The hounds tooth was from an oppy and also in the stash....

actually, so was the lining! I think all was from the stash- the antique brass hardware was bought a while ago, and I'd run out of the silver I normally use...but I think this is better! I did the zip pocket and key fob too (I just have to remember to use it! Der!)

It's good and roomy, perfect for when you don't want to take much with you, but has space to fill it as well.

I added a magnetic clasp instead of the button, I knew I was too lazy to button and unbutton it haha

So the bag was a few weeks ago, it's been getting a workout, now for the blazer. I saw one over here and liked it, but I didn't think I had good enough skills to copy it off a pre made one. Plus, I want it lined as I can imagine the sleeves sticking etc. I had this pattern in the pattern stash, in the smaller sizes, I made one years ago, don't think it was very good as I can't find it! So I bought the bigger sizes, and cute it all out in anticipation....

I waited till I got to the Retreat (last post) as Abbe cleverly has the 2 sizes in the Singer dressmaker dummy- my small-medium is a tad small, I need the medium-large. I cut an 18, and took it in a little around the sides and perfect!

Don't forget to head over and check out her giveaway!!

Chambray was from Spotlight, and lining from the stash (a pick satin)

  I was so impressed by my 'first attempt' buttonhole;

 And it got worn! As soon as the button went on, actually. And I loved making it- the detail, the tailoring, I'm so bloody happy!

 It doubled up with my Renfrew Merino top I made, the 2nd of three tops I've done so far. (Another post on the Renfrew, it deserves it's own haha)

  Not the most glamorous shot, a butt one!

 I am so thinking of making more, check out this gorgeous floral one Kelli has spotted- they are really addictive, I agree!!

And one last thing- it's my 701st post! There'll be a giveaway at the end of the week!


Mistea said...

Loving the bag.
Your blazer looks amazing. Well done on that buttonhole
Enjoy the newish clothes.

Cass said...

Wow love the blazer well done Bec

Leonie said...

Gorgeous! Love the bag and the blazer. Perfect for a day out at a craft market or something :)

rachelmp said...

I am so impressed with the blazer! Those renfew tops are so popular, I might have to get saving

Cath said...

The bag looks great....!!

Trudy said...

Great bag, lined with pockets and all, and the blazer. Buttonhole mastered in one hit!!! Well done.

Lisa said...

love it! came out so good.