Sunday, July 29, 2012

CHA Craft Swap

 I cant remember now where I saw the details for this swap, but I thought it looked like a good idea, something to mix it up a bit from my day to day 'sewing for myself' theme I've got going on.

My swap partner details arrived, and Rachael was my swap partner. After spending the weekend with Abbe and co, I got back on the Dresden bandwagon and thought a vintage-y style cushion could appeal to most people, and got cutting! It was mainly machine sewed, but I hand stitched the Dresden onto the backing, and hand quilted with Perle 8 thread.

I added a little label to remind her where she got the cushion (I cute idea in the official 'swap rules', I haven't done that before!) and a zippered back.

And I close up here- I blatantly stole the got the centre circle inspiration from here and here!

Due to the size of our items we did a pick up/drop off meeting, as the cushion was huge and my pressie heavy! Here it is....

a cute heat pack named "John", just what this single lady needs! Guaranteed to cuddle back!

and some of Anne Marie Creations signature items, parachute silk earrings.

The girl and i picked it up on our way out to dinner, and she had a bit of fun with him while we waited for our friends to show up.

"Burping" the baby!

 and unintentionally looking like a tired mama!

It wasn't as funny when he was 'stolen' off me and warmed up for herself when we got home! I'll allow her that one night, then he's mine!

Big thanks to CHA and Rachael for the swap, it was heaps of fun!

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Julie said...

Awesome cushion, you were the inspiration for the one I made. As for heat bag man, cute idea, especially for kids by the looks. Do you think he needs clothes?