Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ahhh, The Retreat!

Yay, I'm back, baby! Gosh, computer problems are a pain, aren't they? I seem to have sorted them out, well, I paid a couple of 'geeks' to, so hope it stays working!

There's heaps to catch up on, less computer time means producing, but my first post is all about this place! My Internet/ IRL friend Abbe has opened this amazing place- 45mins from Melbourne! Fully renovated and beautifully styled, I was lucky enough to stay one of the nights over the opening weekend, and was spoilt rotten! Thanks to Abbe, and Julie, Fi and Blogless Faith, as well as a few other visitors, I had a ball.

As usual, I forgot to charge my camera battery, so I've borrowed some pics from Cam and Julie.

There is a fully equipped sewing room;

Gorgeous and inviting kitchen; plenty of space for everyone to accumulate in there, as often happens!

See? huge.

with an adjoining living area. Good for naps apparently.

 and a 2nd living space. (Bowl put there for size comparison haha or more likely it's a 'hiding from the others to eat the chips' room!)

 There are five bedrooms, each with 2 double beds, and built in robes. Linen and towels are all provided, so you only need to pack your craft! (Just sew new clothes!)

Another bedroom;

Another bedroom. This has a walk in robe and ensuite off it, just beautiful!

the downstairs bathroom has a tub, and a shower BETTER than mine at home, making it very hard to get out. I don't know many places that can claim that!

Other pics and reviews over here, with Nic and Bronwyn.

Abbe is having an awesome giveaway; it has my name all over it and I plan on winning (full marks for confidence, right?) but is free for anyone to enter, either by blogging about it or booking a stay. And with a 20% discount at the moment, anyone crazy enough NOT to do it?

Just remember to invite me, 'kay?

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Tas said...

Just home from my annual sewing retreat and funny enough- looking like headed here next year. Looks absolutely lovely!