Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flat Cap

I kept forgetting to blog this one, and Carmel reminded me today! Cam made one too, and a few others I don't think have blogged it yet.
It's available as a instant download, which I've found is a great quick way to get a pattern! No trawling the shops/ordering online and waiting for postage. 

This took me a few hours, mainly fabric choice being the hardest decision, of course! Not having made one of these hats before, or worn one really, I went with a medium/heavy denim- in hindsight, not the best fabric! It all worked fine- eventually! But I love how it turned out, so worth persisting with a heavier fabric. Just throw on your walking foot and use a denim needle.

This pattern also uses my fave new obsession- this stuff is the bomb! I've used the Birch brand one before, and it was really smelly and sticky- this is the opposite. I even basted all of Henry's quilt with it- inside! Amazing stuff.

Anyway, back to the hat! 

She's such a better looking model than me!

The lining was a repurposed shirt from the stash. A bit of poly/cotton/rayon-ey stuff, worked perfectly.

 Thanks for the challenge and all the tips I learnt with this one, Nikki!

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Nikki said...

Love ya work! And yes - that 505 basting spray is the only one I'll buy, these days.