Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pinterest not required....

So yesterday became "The Great Room Reno" of 2012 in our house. I was getting a bit sick of these sights...


I knew the layout that would probably work the best, and after a spontaneous trip to Typo during their post Christmas sale I got some inspiration (hence not needing Pinterest, which I wish I had time for, but am kinda glad I dont at the same time!)

It was cleaned to within an inch of its life- who knew those sheer curtains weren't grey?

 This cute little frame (with no hooks on the back- grrr!) was pretty easy to make- I had to stick it up with Command adhesive strips so crossing my fingers they all hold!

 here are the fixin's if you're interested....

  and the wall decals were redcued to $5 each, so some little messages were added.

 great button clock by Brianna

and a clever place for all the tacky posters hehe

 So overall I'm pretty happy with it. A few finishing touches such as recovering the pink notice board (her brief was 'no pink' in the room!) and teaching her to keep the desk tidy! I think seeing it from the door might be a good reminder? Fingers crossed....

Oh, and my knitted bunting has been rejected! I think she was humoring me there, it was really my taste :) But as I dont have anywhere else to put it, I thought a giveaway was needed- so if this floats your boat, leave a comment saying you're interested and i'll draw a winner? I'm no good as setting time frames (well, sticking to them anyway) so a week or two?

 A bit of redecorating to bring in the New Year is good fun!


Zara said...

You know I love bunting.& your pretty knitted one would be a welcomed addition.
Count me in.

Cass said...

It looks great Bec, good luck with keeping the desk tidy. Charlotte's desk is right near the door and I am forever nagging her to keep it tidy but it never happens

Becky said...

This room looks great, I love that bed so much! I could totally do bunting too :)